How to unlock all shortcuts in Dubai in Hitman 3

There’s an easier way around this.

Image via IO Interactive

Navigating around missions can take quite a bit of time in Hitman 3. There are multiple crowds and plenty of opportunities that you can use to take out targets, but it all requires careful timing. If you take too long, things will slip away from you.

The newest feature in Hitman 3 is called Shortcuts, and you can access these to make it easier to move around a map. Once you unlock them, they’re unlocked every time you navigate through that mission, so it’s worthwhile to go through them once.

Atrium Lobby Door

The Atrium Lobby Door can be a bit tricky to find. You can find it by going through the bathroom area on the right side of the Atrium, on level 0. It’s to the right of the stairs when you enter the Atrium, with an event security officer standing near it, speaking to a reporter.

You’ll need to be a staff member to gain access to the area beyond the bathroom. Proceed down, and follow the path until you have to go downstairs. Go all the way down until you reach level -1, and you should now have access to this area, from the bottom of the Atrium entrance.

Helipad ladder

The helipad ladder is on the way to the helipad, right before you see it. There are two ways to gain access to the area on level 3. You’ll have to be a penthouse guard to freely wander around this area if you want to walk through the reception area and conference room.

But you can also gain access to the rear of the helipad through the maintenance area, so long as you don’t get caught. The ladder has a lock on it, and you can break it if you have a crowbar on you.

Penthouse ladder

The Penthouse ladder is also a little tricky to find. It’s on level 4 of the building, and you’ll definitely want a penthouse guard disguise to gain access to it. With it, make your way up to the penthouse, and you can find it on the far right side of the area, inside the ventilation area. You’ll need a crowbar to break it open.

Ventilation ladder

The last shortcut in Dubai is the ventilation ladder. You can find it on the same level as the penthouse ladder. It’s on the outdoor area, right next to the small practice golfing area. If you’ve accessed the penthouse ladder, you can access this shortcut with no trouble.