How to unlock all the monsters in Monster Rancher 1

Catch them all, if you can.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the return of Monster Rancher in the new Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX release, there is a whole new generation of players who are going to try to unlock the dozens of monster breeds available in this classic game. Some have very specific unlocking conditions, so we’re here to give you a hand. Here is everything you need to know to unlock every monster breed in the Monster Rancher 1 side of the collection.

Available from the start of the game

You don’t actually need to unlock every monster in the game manually. A fair number of them are available from the start of the game either from the Market or by using the CD feature to summon them.

The monsters available from the Market or CD at the start of the game are:

  • Dino
  • Suezo
  • Tiger

The monsters available to summon from the CD feature in the game are:

  • Disk
  • Gali
  • Golem
  • Hare
  • Jell
  • Monol
  • Naga
  • Plant
  • Pixie
  • Worm

How to unlock Ape

Take a monster to the Hartville Jungle and look for a Magic Banana. Then you need to freeze two monsters that you have spoiled and combined them using the Magic Banana. This will unlock the Ape breed.

How to unlock Scribble

First you need to raise a pure Monol monster – one with the Monol subtype – to have a fame of over 80. Once you’ve done that, you need to then lower its fame to under 65 by competing in low-level tournaments. Once you’ve done that, someone will have graffitied your Monol, transforming it into a Scribble. Note that this is the only way to get a Scribble monster; they are not available for summoning from CDs.

How to unlock Doodle

Combine any monster with a Scribble and it will become a Doodle. This will unlock the Doodle breed for summoning.

How to unlock Dragon

In the last week of April, compete in the B Level Trial tournament. There will be a Dragon in this tournament. Win this cup and enter the official Level B tournament. Win and it will raise your monster’s rank to A. This will unlock the Level A tournament at the end of August, which will be a one-on-one battle against a Dragon. Win and you will be given a Dragon Tusk item. From there, you need to combine a Naga monster with the Dino subtype – referred to as a Stinger – and a Dino monster with the Naga subtype – known as a Grape – using the Dragon Tusk. This will create a Dragon, which will unlock the Dragon breeds to be summoned.

How to unlock Ghost

When a monster dies, get a brand-new monster. A frozen monster won’t work for this. Enter a tournament within 15 weeks and there will be a 1-in-16 chance that the monster will be cursed. Save directly before the tournament so you can reload if the curse doesn’t show up. Once the monster is cursed, combine it with any other monster and you will get a Ghost breed. This breed will now be available to summon.

How to unlock Henger

This is one of the more difficult unlocks in this game. During the Reno Expedition, you need to find all four of the Doll Pieces that are scattered around the region. This can take multiple attempts, as the drops are pretty random. Once you have them, get a monster to Class A. It will be invited to take part in the Winter Invitational tournament. Win this tournament and you will get the Doll Head. The five pieces will be put together immediately and give you the Clay Doll.

Equip the Clay Doll onto a monster with an Intelligence of 600 or more and take them on the Reno Expedition. Note that this does not need to be the same monster you got the pieces with before. It will read the obelisk in this region. A circular mark will then appear on the monster when you get back to the ranch. Freeze the monster with the mark and use the Clay Doll to combine it with another monster. This will make a Henger and unlock the breed for summoning.

How to unlock Magic

Go on the Titus Expedition and find the Old Mirror, which is a random drop in the region. Use the Old Mirror to combine a Gali and a Monol to make a Magic. This will unlock the breed for summoning as well.

How to unlock Nya

Around year 1026, the Item Shop will start selling Cat Dolls. Use these to combine any two monsters and it will create a Nya. This will unlock the breed for summoning as well.