How to unlock Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village

You won’t get it without winning a fight.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

There are several treasures hidden all over Resident Evil Village. Many of them require a little bit of problem-solving to figure out, and you need to be patient to progress far enough through the story to acquire the items you need to access them. For Beneviento’s Treasure, you’ll be able to access it after completing the Beneviento House. When you’re ready to access Beneviento’s Treasure, we highly recommend you visit The Duke and acquire plenty of ammunition, explosives and upgrade your weapons. You’ll need it.

Unlocking Beneviento’s Treasure

You gain access to Beneviento’s Treasure after completing the Beneviento House. You can return to the village and start exploring, and if your main concern is that treasure, you want to go straight to the Graveyard portion of the village. It will be inside a small crypt that was previously locked, next to the Maidan of War statue at the center of town.

There is a broken gravestone piece you need to grab to attach to the top of the treasure. We acquired this broken piece after killing a strange blue bird and did not notice if you need to eliminate this bird before you can access this part, or it doesn’t matter. Because we’re not sure, we recommend you take this bird out before proceeding if it’s locked. Once you have that piece, you want to return to the front of the Beneviento House, to the treasure’s location.

However, before going there, make sure you’ve spoken to The Duke and you’ve purchased any ammunition and weapon upgrades you want to use before this battle. You’re about to fight a pretty hefty boss. While it is not one of the bigger bosses, it’s still a powerful enemy. Explosives helped, too. Return to the Beneviento Treasure location that goes toward House Beneviento, and a large ghoul with an ax will jump down.

Defeating the Ghoul

When the ghoul jumps down, it’s pretty intimidating. It’s on the scale of some of the more intimidating bosses in the game and will not be downed by a few simple bullets. We highly recommend you use pipe bombs, land mines, a shotgun, and your sniper rifle. Every so often, this ghoul summons smaller ghouls to assist him, and you can take them out using your pistol.

The large ghoul moves around the gravesite, attempting to knock you down with its massive ax. You can block this attack, but it does a lot of damage. Your best bet is to continue running and keep as much distance between you and this large creature. If you’re on one side, and it’s on the other side, the ghoul can jump over the middle and make it to you. When it does this, run to the right or left to avoid it.

After you defeat the Ghoul, you can loot the body and place the broken gravestone piece on the treasure. It’ll open to reveal the Berengarios’ Chalice, a rare item that you can sell to The Duke for a large amount of Lei.