How to unlock Captain America in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Captain America is no stranger to appearing in Marvel games, and he can be unlocked and recruited in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Captain America is a powerful tank-class character, able to mitigate damage and taunt enemies. His ability to keep weaker characters safe with the capacity to draw aggro makes him one of the best characters in the game. Despite being the first Avenger, seeing him in action takes quite a while. This guide will explain how to unlock Captain America in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to recruit Captain America in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Steve Rodgers is a man out of time, similar to Hunter, which gives them something to bond over. Despite how out of touch Captain America is with the supernatural, his ability to build the Block status effect is the best in the game. Steve Rodgers is referenced quite heavily in the story, but it takes quite a long time until you can add him to the group. Captain America will be unlocked after completing the “Some Assembly Required” campaign mission.

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This campaign mission is a tough battle and takes place at Stark Tower. You must bring your created character, Iron Man, and Captain America occupies the third slot on the team. This battle will involve a bevy of elite Hydra troops, and Crossbones will serve as the boss.

How to complete the Some Assembly Required mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

For the first half of this fight, you must defeat all enemies while avoiding the Hydra gunship’s missile attacks. A red target will appear each turn, and anything inside of that area will be dealt massive damage at the end of the turn. You can take advantage of this and knock enemies into the target area to help whittle them down. Ensure to bring Hunters Heal ability and take advantage of Captain America’s ability to generate Block and taunt enemies. Target the sniper enemy, the biggest threat during the first encounter.

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After you clear out the enemies, you will have to face off against Crossbones. You will need to take Crossbones out twice to finish this fight, and enemy reinforcements will pour each turn until he is defeated. Take advantage of Iron Man’s chain-striking abilities to knock out the minions. Use Knockback attacks to launch Crossbones into the environment and stun him repeatedly. After dispatching him twice, the mission is over, and Captain America will become a permanent member of the Midnight Suns.

Cap is a great tank, but he needs to be paired with heavy-damage dealers to be helpful in tough encounters. Pair him with Ghost Rider and Iron Man to create a powerful team capable of handling anything the game can throw at you.