How to unlock Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Berserker barrage and tornado claw to victory.

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Wolverine is a legendary Marvel hero and features heavily during the latter half of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Logan is a potent damage dealer capable of demolishing groups of enemies with lethal chain attacks. He can also recover health as well, due to his innate healing factor. Wolverine makes an early campaign appearance, but it takes quite some time and effort to unlock him. This guide will explain how to unlock Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

How to recruit Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

During an early campaign mission, Hunter will get attacked before leaving through a portal. Sabretooth is the villain behind the attack, and Wolverine joins you in this impromptu boss fight. This battle serves as a brief tutorial on Wolverine and his abilities. When the fight concludes, Magick will fill you in on her X-Men ally and he vanishes for a significant portion of the campaign. You can’t unlock Wolverine until you reach Act 2, which will take you about 20 hours of game time.

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The first story mission of Act 2 is called The Changing Face of Evil. This mission is where you can recruit him.

How to complete The Changing Face of Evil mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

This mission is in the southwest desert and features an army of demons and a Nest Mother. This enemy type will summon altars on the battlefield that will debuff your party and empower the enemies. Take advantage of Wolverine’s many chain strike attacks to take out Nest Mother altars as she summons them. Each altar you destroy will damage her as well. Use Hunter and your third character of choice, preferably a tank like Captain America or Captain Marvel, to draw attention away from Wolverine.

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After you defeat the Nest Mother, this first phase of the mission will conclude, so make her your top priority. Once she is gone, a short cutscene featuring a possessed Sabretooth will play, and the final battle will commence. During this final phase, Sabretooth can often ignore turn order, so protecting yourself with taunts and Block is vital to survive his onslaught.

Use Wolverine to thin out the demon dogs, and once they are cleared out, turn his attention to the boss. Make use of the environmental attacks to give yourself more opportunities during a turn to attack him. You must defeat him multiple times, similar to other Fallen villains. Once you take him down, Wolverine will join the group.

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Logan is an excellent DPS class character and the best chain-attacking hero in the game. Take advantage of his ferocity and healing to take down demons and Hydra in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.