How to unlock CPU Battle, Score Attack, and Blind Time Attack in Pac-Man 99

Gotta pony up the dough.

Pac-Man 99 turns a video game classic into a high-stakes battle royale. Take on 99 other players as you try to be the last Pac-Man standing in a frantic game where you can influence other players to try and upset their plans.

While Pac-Man 99 is free on the Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch Online customers, there are some additional packs you will need to buy if you want all the content. This includes the CPU Battle, Score Attack, and Blind Time Attack Modes.

These modes are available in the Mode Unlock pack for $15 dollars, so if you are enjoying the game it isn’t all that expensive to get access to the additional modes.

You can also buy the Deluxe Pack for $30, which includes the above modes, password match, 8 Pac-Man arrangements, and 20 custom themes. The good news is that buying either of these will then allow you to play with your friends.

You can set up a private match and send the 6-digit password to your friends. They can hold the X button and highlight the Pac-Man 99 logo, enter the digits, and will be able to join you in a custom lobby.

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock these modes for free in the game, so if you wish to play the CPU Battle, Score Attack, or Blind Time Attack Modes then this is the only way to do it.