How to unlock custom themes in Pac-Man 99

Customize your Pac-Man 99 experience.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pac-Man 99 is a competitive way to play Pac-Man for anyone who thinks they can out-think other players. You’ll be battling it out against 99 other players to see who is the last person standing as you progress through the man Pac-Man levels, each becoming more challenging, and everyone has a target on their backs during the battles. To make your experience a bit more personalized, you can add a custom theme to your game, changing the look of the map, the ghost, and your Pac-Man.

If you want to add a custom theme to your Pac-Man 99 game, go to the main menu and shift your way over to the ‘setting’ tab. After clicking on that screen, there will be a list of three options available to you, with the first being custom themes. Enter this menu to find all of the available custom themes that you can add to your game.

Unfortunately, a majority of them are locked behind the Nintendo eShop. The only way to add them to your game will be to purchase them. These custom themes are about $1.99, with some of the larger packs contain multiple custom themes costing around $14.99 and $29.99. Pac-Man 99 is already a free game, so if you feel that you’re planning to invest a lot of time into it and would like to support the creative team behind it, go for it. These are merely cosmetic choices. None of the custom themes modify the overall gameplay.

There will likely be promotional and specific events that occur in Pac-Man 99’s future where you’ll be able to unlock a custom theme for your game. It will be up for a limited time, which means everyone who wants it will have to act fast.