How to unlock Deterministic Mode in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

Grasp the power to make your own decisions 47.


Image via IO Interactive

Deterministic Mode is a new mode in Hitman 3 added with the new Escalation: Dartmoor Garden Show. This guide will explain how to unlock this mode and start playing it for yourself and its changes in terms of gameplay.

How to unlock Deterministic Mode

To unlock Deterministic Mode, you need to complete all three levels of Dartmoor Garden Show at least once. After you’ve completed the mission, you’ll be able to reset it and play it in this brand new game mode. While it doesn’t differ massively from the first time you play it, there is variety in the gameplay.

Once you’ve unlocked this mode, you can also use this mission as a new platform to build your own missions for Contracts Mode. It allows you to build some truly unique Contracts that players won’t have seen before, thanks to the randomized nature of certain elements.

What is Deterministic Mode?

Deterministic Mode removes a lot of the randomization in Dartmoor Garden Show. While targets will still have random paths that they follow every time you load the mission up, you’ll be able to choose which targets you want to kill. This means you can kill any of the four main targets in the first two levels and any two of the main three targets in the final level.