How to unlock Dizzybloom Dango in Monster Hunter Rise

Add more dango to your canteen selection in Monster Hunter Rise.

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There are several forms of Dango you can eat in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll want to make sure you eat it before you embark on a mission. As you progress through the game, you’ll naturally gain access to more choices, but some of them require a mission for you to unlock. The Dizzybloom Dango is one of these recipes. In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to unlock the Dizzybloom Dango in Monster Hunter Rise.

The way you unlock the Dizzybloom Dango is to complete the Bunny Dango – with Eggs! request you receive from Yomogi the Chef. You’ll receive it as you progress through the story quests in Monster Hunter Rise, and the goal of this quest is to locate a Rhenoplos Egg. You can find a Rhenoplos Egg in the Sandy Plains, exclusive in the lower area of this region. You will not be able to find a Rhenoplos Egg outside of low-rank missions, so if you visit this location, make sure it’s during a low-rank adventure.

Here’s the location you can find the Rhenoplos Egg in the Sandy Plains.

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When you arrive at the location to grab the Rhenoplos Egg, unlike other items, your hunter will have to carry it back with them to the camp to place it in the supply box that you can only find at the Main Camp.