How to unlock follower companions in Nexomon: Extinction

Let these pets out of their cages.

Nexomon: Extinction
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Nexomon: Extinction molds together a bunch of different aspects from some of the most popular monster-collecting RPGs that came before it. However, it does have one unique take all on its own. In the last decade, games like Ni No Kuni and Pokemon have adopted the idea of letting players have one of their creatures follow them around on their journey. It’s a genius revelation, as it’s always adorable to see each monster’s design and walking animation. Nexomon does this too, but in a collect-a-thon manner.

Rather than seeing your own Nexomon behind you, players will have to search for what the game calls “followers” and “companions.” These sorts of creatures are independent of those who fight and simply are there to accompany you. You won’t obtain them through capturing, but instead, you get them by searching valuable chests and secret vaults.

For instance, the first opportunity you have at unlocking one of these is from a woman in the center of Parum. She will ask you to clean up 12 bags of trash around the area, and in return, you will receive a vault key. The vault can be found in the eastern outskirts of the town and looks like a rundown mining shaft. From here, players can use the key to access a number of chests – one of which will include a follower. 

If you run into one of these special characters, you will then have to go to the profile option in the pause menu to activate them. Of course, you can only use one at a time, and unlike fighting Nexomon, these cannot be traded. In total, there are 29 to collect, but with 381 Nexomon in the game, we hope there are more followers to come.