How to unlock items in Two Point Campus

Make your campus stand out and fulfill the needs of your students and staff members.

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New items and buildings are crucial to your university in Two Point Campus. There are several types available to you, which give your campus a variety of bonuses. The importance of those bonuses varies significantly on what you’d like to improve, such as providing more Happiness to your students or enhancing the Attractiveness of your establishment. These item benefits pool together to make your campus a better place for students and teachers. This guide covers how to unlock items in Two Point Campus.

How to get more items in Two Point Campus

Most items you can unlock are only available by spending Kudosh points. You can earn these points by completing specific achievements, special events, and assignments from your students, and the end of every year results based on your many accomplishments as a university. Each time your campus levels up is another way to earn Kudosh points. You may not earn a lot immediately, but Kudosh points are the key to many of these items. We recommend grabbing an item while you have the points available.

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Additionally, you may have to use the Research Lab to learn about it. The Research Lab is a handy room to have at your university, and you will need to assign a Teacher to work there dedicated to operating it. They can unlock even more items that may not be available on your current item list, but it will take some time to learn about them before they are readily available. In addition, they can improve the existing rooms on your campus, such as turning your Lectern I into a Lectern II and greatly improving your Lecture Hall to support your teachers and students.

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These are the two best ways to add more items to your campus. Even if you do unlock an item through the Research Lab or using Kudosh Points, your university will still need money to purchase the item and for you to place it. Make sure to keep an eye on your funds while maintaining your university.