How to level up room prestige in Two Point Campus

Better rooms for your students and teachers.

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Each room in Two Point Campus has a set amount of prestige. The room’s prestige level dictates the quality of the room, and students enjoy a room that has a higher prestige level. This indicates the area’s quality, making them happier to attend classes and be on your campus. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to level up a room’s prestige in Two Point Campus.

How room prestige works in Two Point Campus

You can review a room’s prestige level while building it or after you’ve already made it. We recommend worrying about a room’s prestige before you finalize it. It can be challenging to build this up because the size of the room plays a big part in the room’s prestige. If you start with the minimum size requirements for an area, such as the Lecture Theatre, there’s a good chance you’re limiting yourself to what can go inside there and prevent the room’s prestige from going up much farther.

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If your rooms have to be small, our best recommendation is to try and place as many wall decorations inside it. These can be posters, hand sanitizer, windows, or any specialized equipment for that room, such as the surround sound speakers or whiteboard for the Lecture Theatre. You may need to unlock these items using Kudosh points.

Another good way is by improving the existing equipment. For example, if you’re attempting to improve the Lecture Theatre, you can enhance the Lectern after researching the better version. You will need a research room somewhere on campus to produce these upgrades.

However, wall decorations can only get you so far. The best way to increase any room’s prestige is to the walls, giving you more room for those items or for larger equipment for your students and staff to utilize.

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