How to unlock Leg Day Dango in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlock a Bunny Dango recipe in Monster Hunter Rise.

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The Leg Day Dango in Monster Hunter Rise enables you to use less stamina while running across walls. If you prefer to keep yourself off the ground and keep clear of a monster, running on walls is an essential skill to master. Unlike many of the other Bunny Dango recipes in the game, you have to unlock Leg Day. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Leg Day Dango recipe in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Leg Day Dango recipe becomes available when you reach three-star missions for the village and defeat the first rampage event. After this, an optional quest becomes available to you called Supply Run. You can find it underneath the Requests tab when speaking with Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the Steelworks location of the village.

When you accept the mission, you’ll be sent to the Shrine Ruins. There will not be any large monster for you to fight. All you have to do is run across the entire region and grab the six lost supplies that Yomogi the Chef’s supplier lost when attempting roam through this region. We highly recommend bringing your Palamute with you so you can ride it, cutting the amount of time you spend hunting them down. Each of the supply locations are highlighted on the map as small, green dots.

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After you’ve collected them all, you’ll immediately return to the village. You’ll then have the Leg Day option every time you visit the Canteen to eat your Bunny Dango before a quest.