How to unlock Mr. McMahon in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Despite the theme, you do have a chance to get him.

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A new WWE 2K Battlegrounds content update went live on February 10, and with it came a few new wrestlers. Three new competitors, Gran Metalik, Mojo Rawley, and the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, were added to the game. While Metalik and Rawley don’t need to be unlocked, the boss of WWE does, in fact, need to be. So how do you do just that? Let’s go over what you have to do to unlock Mr. McMahon.

How to unlock Mr. McMahon in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

To unlock Mr. McMahon, first head over to the Main Menu and select the Superstars tab, which can be found on the upper-right hand side of the home screen. Then, scroll through the list of Superstars until you find the boss himself.

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To unlock Vince McMahon, 2K Battlegrounds users need to spend either 12,000 Bucks or 300 Golden Bucks. Additionally, one alternative attire can be purchased for McMahon, but you’ll need to unlock the character first before having the chance to buy that outfit.