How to unlock Out for Blood mode in Rollerdrome

Prepare for a gauntlet.

Image via Roll7

In the chaotic gameplay of Rollerdrome, you will bring plenty of miserable people to an untimely end. You are playing in a fast-moving bloodsport, so you will need to be ferocious while skating around. The first time you start the game, you will notice an inaccessible mode called Out for Blood. Here is how you can unlock Out of Blood mode and play it in Rollerdrome.

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What is Out for Blood mode in Rollerdrome and how to unlock it

Unlocking the Out for Blood mode in Rollerdrome is straightforward. All you need to do is complete the campaign. Once you do that, you will get a message saying it is unlocked, and you can access the new mode from the main menu. Rollerdrome is not a particularly long game. You should have this done and unlocked within about four hours.

When you go into Out for Blood, you start a separate save from the one on your main campaign. This is essentially a New Game Plus mode but focuses more on getting high scores than completing challenges. The mode immediately gives you access to all weapons, brings in a newly remixed soundtrack, and makes House Players more challenging and appear more often.

There are also small graphical changes as you play the game in Out for Blood mode. This is a much more challenging experience than the primary campaign and will continually test you as you attempt to play it. You are going to die a lot here.

Out for Blood is a Rollerdrome mode that only the most dedicated players should try. The enemies are distinctly stronger, and you are noticeably weaker to their attacks. If you felt the game to be challenging and aggravating before, you might sour your experience by giving this mode a try.