How to unlock Spongebob-themed gear and clothes in Madden 21

Who wants all the gear under the sea?

As previously predicted, Nickelodeon’s ultra-popular cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants, has crossed over into Madden 21’s The Yard. Along with its Bikini Bottom-inspired location, all players have the chance to scoop up gear based on all the beloved characters in the show. Here’s how to get each piece available. 

Where to find all of Spongebob’s gear

Surprisingly, unlike most cosmetics, the event’s gear is not available for purchase in The Yard’s store – so you won’t have to spend any in or out-of-game currency whatsoever. Instead, you can discover each piece of clothing by first going to the “Spongebob Frenzy!” field via The Yard’s location menu.

From there, press triangle (on PlayStation) or Y (on Xbox) to view all unlockable rewards during the event. You can make progress and level up this “city pass” by earning specific high scores in any of the three challenges. The score needed for a particular item will be found underneath its image in this rewards menu.

There are 13 Spongebob-related items to collect – or one of each kind of clothing (including a pair of socks, a sleeve, and a visor). Also, every one of these is listed as Legendary, with the rarest item, the Nickelodeon Spongebob Jersey, only requiring you to get a high score of 20,000.

The challenges are relatively challenging, as each lends super strength, or increased speed, to a particular positional player on the enemy’s team. No matter, the event does allow you to use only the best superstars, in the likes of Patrick Mahomes, J.J. Watt, Deandre Hopkins, and Stefan Diggs.