How to unlock taxis and all Yokohama taxi locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

It helps to move around fast.

If you want to make your way around Yokohama in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can choose to run around from street to street, or you can take a taxi. The taxi service is your fast travel system. While the taxi costs a bit of money, it’s a quick, efficient way to move between the districts without dealing with the wandering enemies. Not all of the taxi locations are available to you, though. The first taxi locations in the Commercial District are immediately available to you, but you have to find the others.

To unlock any of the taxi fast travel locations in Like a Dragon, you need to interact with them. You can find them on the side of the streets, waiting for you to use them to drive to a new location. Each of them cost 700 yen, and that’s a flat rate, so you can find the taxi on one side of the city, and take it to the other for the cost of taking one in the same district. 

After you finish taking the taxi to the chosen location, that new location will remain open to you. Unlocking it only requires you to visit and use them once, and then you can travel to that location whenever you want to use it. Here are all of the taxi travel locations in Yokohama.

You don’t have to take the taxi to unlock it. Once you interact with the taxi once, it will remain unlocked, and you can use it at any time from the other taxi locations you’ve unlocked. 

All taxi locations

Here are all of the taxi locations in Yokohama.

  • East Hamakita Park
  • North Chinatown
  • South Chinatown
  • Sunlight Castle
  • Election Office
  • Jinnai Station
  • Le Nouveau hama
  • Part-time Hero Inc.
  • Residential District
  • Survive
  • Fukutokucho
  • West Tsurukama Highway
  • West Central St.
  • Can Quest
  • Romance Workshop
  • Isezaki Road
  • Pocket Café
  • Seagull Cinema