How to unlock the A Long Glide trophy in Horizon Forbidden West

Gliding for eternity.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The glider is just one of the new toys you get to play with in Forbidden West. It comes in use whenever you happen to need something to break your fall, letting you sail down slowly. You can also use it to cross jumps you couldn’t before. This new toy also comes with a trophy to obtain. This trophy requires you to glide uninterrupted for 60 seconds. That’s a long time to spend in the air. Here is how you unlock the A Long Glide trophy in Horizon Forbidden West.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are going to glide for 60 uninterrupted seconds, you are going to need to get to the top of a pretty high place (Hint: it’s not the top of Plainsong). It is easiest to wait until you have completed The Eye of the Earth main story mission. This mission requires you to enter the massive, snowy mountain to the west of Plainsong. After that mission is complete, you will head farther west.

As soon as you leave your base, turn around and climb the mountain above the base. This is one of, if not the tallest mountain in the game. Once you reach the top, it doesn’t matter which direction you jump off, though we chose to jump to the west. This should give you the achievement just before you hit the ground.