How to unlock The Captain and finish the Washed Away challenge in Risk of Rain 2

Captain on deck!

Risk of Rain 2

The Captain is the latest addition to Risk of Rain 2’s merry roster of Survivors. Part man, part machine, the Captain is the last person to head to the surface, leaving the comfort of the Safe Travels to rescue his crew.

How to unlock The Captain

Unlocking the Captain, and finishing the Washed Away challenge, is simple, but it is not easy. You will need to complete the game, which means you will need to be on the lookout for the Primordial Teleporter. The game will endlessly cycle through levels, pitting you against waves of monsters, until you pass through the Primordial Teleporter. It will look very similar to a normal teleporter but will have some large stone teeth all around it, and will have white and blue energy wisps around it rather than the normal red of a standard teleporter.

You can use this the same way as you can any other teleporter. Activating it will start a boss fight and a countdown, and if you survive, you will be whisked away to a new area. You will need to fight some interesting new enemies as you make your way to the large arena you can see in the distance. There will also be some awkward jumps, but you should be able to make your way through them, regardless of the Survivor you are playing as.

When you get to the end, some jump pads will send you flying through the air to the arena, and you will need to take on the game’s final boss. This is a huge fun boss fight that we won’t spoil, but if you need help with it, we have a guide that will prove useful.

When the fight is complete, you need to make your way back to the ship within a small time limit, so don’t stop to fight anything, just keep running. When you get back to the ship, it will fly off, and the challenge will be complete, and you will be able to play as The Captain.