How to unlock the dash ability in Rogue Legacy 2

Learn how to dash.

You may notice that a few locations in Rogue Legacy 2 are bit too far away for you to reach without taking any damage. While you may become frustrated, thinking its poor game design, forcing you to take damage in the game, it’s actually hinting at an ability you need to learn. There’s a dash ability in Rogue Legacy 2 that you can earn, but it’s hidden somewhere in the castle.

How to find the Ananke’s Shawl

The Ananke of the Shawl is a random statue drop you can find while roaming around the castle, so its location changes every run. Once you complete the trial you won’t have to perform it again.

Power of Momentum Trial – Ananke’s Shawl

The first part of this trial has you running a standard walkway until you reach a gap. You won’t have enough room to jump. This is where the dash ability comes in, which you can do while attempting this trial by pressing the LT trigger on your gamepad or the Q or E buttons to dash left and right. Use the dash ability to go across this gap. The next task is to jump into the air and then dash across the larger gap. Make it to the end of the platform to advance to the next room.

Second room

After you make it to the next room, you have to do battle against skeletons with flame jets above your head. You don’t have to move much, but you may need to dash to reach them before being hit by their tossed items. Take them out before they can hit you, and then you can move on to the next room. Here, you find the floating hand dagger enemies, and there are six different platforms. Under these platforms are a row of spikes, so you can choose to jump between the platforms, but you’re better off dodging, waiting for the daggers to come into view for you to hit.

Wave of flames

Once you defeat the final enemy in the previous room, you teleport to a single hallway where there’s only a line of jets that spew fire. Use the dash to make it to the end, but you will likely be hit and transport to the next room where a pair of pupils are firing magical attacks at you. Go to the bottom of the map, use the spinkick on the lantern, and then dash to the nearest platform. Dash again to make it to the other side and take them out. A sword guard will appear where you previously started. Dash to the lantern to spinkick off it, and then try to take it out before it can hit you.

Spin to win

After killing the sword guard, you are transported to a location where you have to mix using the dash and the spinkick of the lanterns to make it to the other side. Eventually, you will reach a teleporter that you have to go through, and then dash through the other side, hitting the lanterns with the spinkick to make it to the top. It may take you a few attempts, and when you fall, you take damage, but only one point. There are two instances of teleporters you have to work through before making it to the next room.

Finish line

After making it through the final teleporter and going to the next room, the final test has you glide down to the bottom. Eventually, you need to start making your way to the left side of the map, requiring you to mix using your full jump with your dash. Once you reach the end, there’s the statue you first encountered to enter this dimension, and you can now dash for the rest of the game. You will receive the heirloom Ananke’s Shawl.