How to unlock the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount and Blood Knight’s Dedication transmog set in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft’s Patch 9.2.5 has brought about the long-requested addition of cross-faction grouping for premade instances, but that is not the only thing to come from this patch. Characters who play the Blood Elf race can also undertake a quest chain to further the story of the scourge in Quel’thalas and earn the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount. Blood Elf Paladins will also unlock the Blood Knight’s Dedication transmog set during this chain.


In order to do the quest chain, players must have a level 60 Blood Elf character that is exalted with the Silvermoon faction. You can do the quest on any class available to Blood Elves, but in order to get the Paladin transmog, it must be done on a Blood Elf Paladin. Once these requirements are met, Lady Liadrin should appear near the Oribos portal to Orgrimmar with the initial Summons from the Matriarch quest.

Blood Elf Heritage Quest Part 1 – Tranquillien

The quest will have you meet Lady Liadrin in Silvermoon City to discuss the ever-increasing scourge presence in the area. You are then sent on a short flight north to Tranquillien to help defeat 15 scourge units and strengthen three wards around the town. As you do this, you will have to defeat a San’layn named Vorath multiple times as he mocks his own death. You soon discover that he has wards in place to the north in Deathholme that resurrect him endlessly.

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Blood Elf Heritage Quest Part 2 – Shadowlands

After collecting a weapon from the second floor of the inn, you are then given two follow-up quests. An Honest Heart has you meet with Vandellor at Agthia’s Repose in Bastion. You will have to race him around the area while clicking bells to prove your worth. An Unbreakable Will will send you to the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus where you must defeat a gladiator for Fightlord San to complete this quest.

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Blood Elf Heritage Quest Part 3 – Deathholme

Once both of these quests are done, you will return to Tranquillien with an empowered blade. After speaking with Lady Liadrin, you will be sent north to the Dead Scar, where you will mount a Hawkstrider and ride further north. During this time, you will have an extra action button to defeat the scourge trying to attack you. When you defeat enough of them, you will find Liadrin at the entrance to Deathholme at the northern end of the Dead Scar.

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You will then fight side by side with Liadrin and her Paladins against Vorath. This is a simple fight as long as you dodge the purple orbs that he launches at you. Once he is defeated, you must use the extra action button to plunge the blade into his corpse, and then hide behind Liadrin as it explodes.

This turns Vorath into a monster that must also be defeated. This fight has no notable mechanics that could prove difficult, and you should have no issues tunneling the boss. When it dies, Liadrin will ask you to meet her back in Silvermoon.

Blood Elf Heritage Quest Part 4 – Rewards

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Reconvening with her will award you the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount, and the Blood Knight’s Dedication transmog set if you are a Paladin.

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