How to unlock the Engineer skin in Risk of Rain 2

The Engineer has a new skin option, but getting to it could prove difficult.

Screengrab via Hopoo Games

The artifact update for Risk of Rain 2 saw the return of artifacts, a mechanic that modifies certain aspects of the game before you start your run. You can choose which ones to have one before starting with your friends or by yourself. Another new thing they added was the Engineer’s new skin, which anyone can unlock.

To unlock it, you need to obliterate yourself at the Obelisk on Monsoon. Monsoon is a level variant, which is the hardest difficulty level in the game. Before you start your run as the Engineer, make sure to go to the difficulty setting at the top right section of your game mode, modify it to the final one, and then start your run. The Obelisk is a structure you can only find in a hidden realm, which you can reach by going through the Celestial Portal.

To have the Celestial Portal spawn, you need to go through the first loop of the game and beat it until the end. After you reach the end of the game, you start over and go to the beginning. The Celestial Portal spawns next to the Teleporter every three levels. Enter the Celestial Portal, go to the Obelisk, and choose to obliterate yourself.

If you don’t do it on the Monsoon difficulty, you won’t be able to unlock the new skin for the Engineer. It’s a difficult level to fight your way through, but veteran players will want to relish the challenge. The new update also introduced Artifacts to the game.