How to unlock the Mamma Mia achievement in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Become the master of disguise.

Image via Frogwares

You’ve reached the police station when you discover that the nearby atelier has been robbed. Ms. Nini is unable to work with the police sketch artist, and so it is up to Sherlock. There’s only one difference between his method and the sketch artist’s Sherlock plans on dressing up.

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Once you gain access to the back room of Ms. Nini’s Atelier, you can pick up all of the clothing pieces to put together a convincing disguise. While in the room, grab the five different groups of disguise materials off the first two rows of shelves. There is a bundle of materials to grab for each of the wardrobe sections.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After grabbing the disguise materials, check the right wall of the room for a photo hanging on the wall. Jon will be nearby it. After interacting with the photograph, Jon will tell you to dress up like the man in the photograph to surprise Ms. Nini. It’s time to play dress-up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While in the wardrobe section of the menu, have Sherlock change into the following:

  • White Suit
  • Top Hat
  • Long Sideburns
  • Old Man Make-Up

Don’t choose any accessories since the man isn’t wearing any in the photograph. After you change, head out and talk to Ms. Nini. She will reminisce about how you look like an old family member, and you will get the achievement.