How to unlock the necromancer class in Loop Hero

It’s time to raise the dead.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Devolver Digital’s Loop Hero starts everyone out as a basic warrior class. However, by upgrading buildings in your town, you can unlock a few other classes that change things up quite a bit. Some players are sure to fall in love with the rogue class, but the necromancer is the only one who is bringing undead friends to the battlefield.

Unlike the warrior and rogue, the necromancer doesn’t engage directly with their enemies. Instead, they summon skeletons to do their bidding for them. You’ll also equip them with a magic shield that resets at the start of each fight, giving them a bit more survivability than you might’ve expected.

To unlock the necromancer, you’ll need to construct multiple buildings. After building your initial campfire back at your base, you’ll need to get a field kitchen up and running. These are the required resources you’ll need to create the field kitchen.

  • 3 Preserved Wood
  • 2 Preserved Stone
  • 1 Food Supply

The field kitchen gives you some extra healing each time you make a full loop during the gameplay cycle. Next up, you’ll need to build a gymnasium. This building unlocks traits and villages. Traits give you bonus abilities after you kill enough enemies, and villages unlock quests. Here’s how to build a gymnasium.

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 6 Stable Metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis
Screenshot by Gamepur

We’re not done yet, though. After getting the gym up and running, it’s time to build a cemetery. This lets you resurrect the hero if they meet an untimely end and gives you a good way to pick up “memory fragment” resources. Here’s how to create a cemetery.

  • 4 Stable Wood
  • 14 Preserved Rock
  • 2 Stable Metal

Finally, you’re ready to build the crypt. This is where you’ll unlock the necromancer. It does require a resource we haven’t talked about yet, which is called an Orb of Expansion. To acquire one of these, you’ll need to fight a group of enemies numbering more than four. Here’s everything it takes to build the crypt.

  • 4 Stable Wood
  • 16 Preserved Stone
  • 9 Stable Metal
  • 1 Orb of Expansion

Once you’ve built the crypt, just select the necromancer before your next loop, and give the master of skeletons a try.