How to unlock the rogue class in Loop Hero

The best classes are the most cunning of fighters.

Image via Gamepur

Loop Hero is all about going through the same process and gameplay, trying to get new, random events to occur. One thing you can do in the game is change the class of your character, and a class you can change into is the rogue. A rogue will be far more agile and capable of outputting more damage against their enemies, but they won’t be able to have as much health, making them squisher.

To unlock the rogue class in Loop Hero, you need to purchase several upgrades for your camp. The starting upgrade is the field kitchen, and you can grab this after you’ve completed the tutorial. These are the required resources you need to use create the field kitchen.

  • 3 Persevered Wood
  • 2 Persevered Stone
  • 1 Food supply

You receive food supply when you return to camp the first time in Loop Hero, following the tutorial. Wood and stone are available when you place down Grove, Meadow, and Mountain cards while going through your loop cycle. However, the field kitchen does not unlock the rogue class, but it gives you access to the building that does: the Refuge. These are all of the supplies you need to obtain to place down the Refuge.

  • 12 Persevered Wood
  • 2 Persevered Stone
  • 4 Stable metal
  • 7 Food supplies

You can earn twigs and pebbles by putting down Rock, Mountains, and Meadow cards when wandering around. When you earn enough of them during your run, you can combine them into Persevered Wood and Stone. The Stable Metal is the hardest to come by. You need to combine the scrap metal cards you receive by putting down treasuary cards, and then placing Meadow cards around it. Food supplies work the same way as Persevered Wood and Stone, except you need rations.

Once you have enough of each resource, you can place down the Refuge in your camp. Right before you start another loop, you can choose to change your class on the main screen.