How to unlock the Pummarola achievement in Vampire Survivors


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Vampire Survivors is a timed survival horror game with a bullet hell spin. You play as a character who has to survive as long as possible as hoards of enemies come marching your way. When you kill enemies, you get gems that count as experience. Once you get enough, you level up and upgrade your character to become even more powerful. There are over 30 achievements in the game, many of them revolving around you surviving for a certain period of time. The Pummarola achievement is one of them.

To unlock this achievement, you will need to survive at least five minutes with Gennaro. Gennaro is an unlockable character who can be purchased for 650 coins. He starts off with two knives and is able to permanently gain additional projectile for each new weapon he obtains through level-ups or treasures. For example, if you decide to pick the King Bible as your upgrade, instead of getting just one, you’ll get two.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The easiest way to survive the five minutes as Gennaro is upgrading his projectile speed, weapons, and movement speed. This way, his weapons can come out fast and do a ton of damage. With the addition of better movement speed, you’ll be able to swiftly maneuver out of enemies’ way. This is especially helpful when you start to get crowded by the baddies.