How to unlock the side quest at Chuck’s Lakehouse Skate Park in OlliOlli World

Hit the park with Jefferson.

Screenshot by Gamepur

OlliOlli World is full of challenges and secrets for players to uncover. One of the more fun little nuggets for players to uncover is the various side quests that pop up as you skate across Gnarlandia. Once you get to Chuck’s Lakehouse Skate Park in Cloverbrook, you can find one of these which lets you take on a floating bear in a race to the bottom of a river. But how do you unlock this side quest? Let’s take a look.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As with many challenges in OlliOlli World, it’s all about getting your route down correctly. In the screenshot above, you’ll see the branching route that pops up early in Chuck’s Lakehouse Skate Park. If you transfer, you’ll be on the Gnarly Route, which gives you a good opportunity to do the wallride challenge on this level but doesn’t help you find Jefferson and the side quest. Instead, stick to the normal path and you’ll eventually come across the NPC you’re looking for.

Once you finish the level, hop over to the Grizzly Rapids challenge. As mentioned above, this side quest tasks you with racing a bear down a river. The key here is to use a power push on downhills. By holding down the A button (X on PlayStation), you can build up extra power and unleash it on downhills to get up to speed very quickly. Do this alongside a clean run and you should be able to best the beast.