How to unlock the Super Sleuth achievement in Twin Mirror

Use your investigative skills wisely.

How to unlock the Super Sleuth achievement in Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror has plenty of secret achievements and trophies for you to unlock. The mystery thriller’s branching narrative forms most of these, but there are a couple that you can get through unavoidable plot points. The Super Sleuth achievement and trophy is one such example, but there are certain requirements you need to meet to get it.

There are story spoilers for Twin Mirror from this point on. If you have only just started the game and don’t want it ruined, don’t scroll past the image below.

How to unlock the Super Sleuth achievement in Twin Mirror

The Super Sleuth achievement is tied to Dennis’ murder. You find your former work colleague with a fatal gunshot wound inside the Basswood Jungle offices. The achievement and trophy description states that you must reconstruct Dennis’ murder without any help.

To do so, you need to use Sam’s investigative skills to determine the events that led to Dennis’ death by selecting the six correct options within the allotted time frame. If you don’t, Sam’s Double will appear, and he will give you tips on which options you should pick. You cannot unlock the achievement or trophy if Sam’s Double turns up, so follow our steps below for an easy win.

At the start of each investigation frame, there are three options for you to choose. You can view each one by moving your controller’s thumbsticks towards them and tapping the A or cross button to select them. However, choosing the wrong ones sets you back a scene and eats up valuable time. To breeze through this investigation, these are the options to pick:

  • Dennis’ injury – Right in front of you as you begin the investigation
  • Exit wound – On Dennis’ back when the camera pans around
  • Bullet impact – On the top of the board that surrounds Dennis’ desk
  • Holster – On the left of Dennis’ desk
  • Dennis’ gun – In the murderer’s hands
  • Dennis’ corpse – Sweep left on the floor next to the bloody footprint

After the final clue, Sam will put the events together, and the achievement or trophy will pop.