How to unlock the Ultimate Warrior in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel, load it with the Warriors.

Take-Two and Saber Interactive continued their rollout of new content for WWE 2K Battlegrounds on November 11, as the Ultimate Warrior becomes the latest wrestler to become available on the title. The former WWE Champion can now be unlocked in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, but you might be wondering how you need to unlock the power of the Warrior. We’ve got you covered, so let’s go over what you will need to do to unlock the Ultimate Warrior.

How to unlock the Ultimate Warrior

The method to unlock the Ultimate Warrior is essentially as compared to most of the other wrestlers in the game,including Batista and Goldberg. To unlock the Ultimate Warrior, select the Superstars tab on the home screen, and then scroll over to the figurine case for the Ultimate Warrior.

In order to unlock the Ultimate Warrior, you will need to buy him for either 12,000 Bucks, or 300 Golden Bucks. Upon purchasing the Ultimate Warrior, you can also buy an additional attire for him. That outfit costs either 6,000 Bucks, or 1,000 Golden Bucks.