How to unlock Batista and Goldberg in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Two WWE legends have been added to 2K Battlegrounds.

A new batch of content was added to WWE 2K Battlegrounds on November 6, including the addition of four new wrestlers: Jimmy and Jey Uso, Batista, and Goldberg. The Usos will be available immediately, but Batista and Goldberg will not, as those two wrestlers will need to be unlocked. Batista and Goldberg won’t be hard to unlock, but you will just need to know where to look first.

How to unlock Batista and Goldberg

Much like with the other WWE Superstars that needed to be unlocked, you will have to select the Superstars tab on the main menu to unlock both Batista and Goldberg. Upon doing this, you will see a list of all the wrestlers that are currently unlocked, as well as those who have not been (sans Campaign-locked characters). Scroll around the list of wrestlers, and you should be able to find both Batista and Goldberg in this menu. If you do not see either of them, just reset the game, or check to see if you have the latest title update.

To unlock Batista, you will need to pay either 9000 Bucks, or 225 Golden Bucks. For Goldberg, players will need either 12000 Bucks, or 300 Golden Bucks. Additionally, you might also be able to buy both of these wrestlers at a discount by checking the Store. WWE 2K Battlegrounds traditionally offers multi-wrestlers bundle deals, so check that periodically if there’s a deal where both are being offered at a discount.