How to unlock the yellow door in Rebirth Island for Call of Duty: Warzone

An Easter egg hunt so tough an exclusive blueprint is given out for finding it.

Image via Activision

Thanks to Call of Duty: Warzone’s newest season, there are more thrilling yet incredibly difficult Easter eggs to hunt down. This time around, it isn’t Verdansk, but the new Rebirth Island map that holds one of the toughest puzzles to date: opening up a mysterious yellow door in the Headquarters district. To do so, players will need a few things that aren’t easy to stumble across, but here’s how the process goes.

Find the briefcase and codes

Screengrab via Geeky Pastimes’s YouTube channel

Most likely, you and your squad will just so happen to run into an unlockable briefcase. So far, folks aren’t sure where these briefcases spawn most, but most claim they’ve discovered them near the coasts of the island. As long as you have found just one briefcase, you’re set to continue on this hunt.

In each of these, there will be three photos that fly out, each hinting at a particular spot in Rebirth Island. Like the cases, the photos won’t always be the same each game. However, if your squad can figure where the pictures were taken, head to each area and hunt down the two or three digits written on each destination’s wall – ultimately giving you the door’s code.

How to enter the yellow door codes

Screengrab via Geeky Pastimes’s YouTube channel

Two of the codes you will be looking for are three digits long, with the other being two digits. However, you must understand how to enter them in the correct order to unlock the door.

  • The beginning part of the code will display the first two or three numbers and then a dash after (ex: 123-).
  • The middle part will bear two dashes, one on each end of the digits (ex:-45-).
  • Lastly, the final section of code you should enter, if found, should have the dash come before the numbers (ex:-678).

As the pictures barely hint at where each code is, not many people have cracked open the yellow door, which is located in the Headquarters Command Center. Though, YouTuber Geeky Pastimes has done so and revealed that an exclusive Milano blueprint named “Red Room” will be rewarded to the entire squad once unlocked. The room is also apparently covered in a handful of loot boxes and other Legendary blueprints to push you towards victory.