How to unlock weapon and gear mods in Outriders

These weapon modifications matter for your favorite weapons.


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The mods you acquire through your time in Outrider will drop off the weapons and armor you loot in the game. The more weapons and equipment you loot with unique mods attached to them, the more you add to your collection. However, the only way to add a mod to your arsenal is to dismantle it. You need to make sure you do that if there’s a particular mod on a gun or armor piece, you’d like to see on other pieces of equipment, even if it’s on something you’d rather not use.

All of the mods in Outriders will be locked to you when you start the game. The only way to unlock them in the crafting area. They’re broken up into three tiers: tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. If you want to unlock a mod, you need to loot them and then dismantle the item attached to it. You can dismantle any of your equipment from your inventory by hovering over it, marking it, and then dismantling it once you’ve chosen everything you’d like to dismantle.

The mods that go on your weapons and on your armor pieces are different. The weapon mods will give you an additional attack power, or modify how your gun. Your armor’s mods modify and augment the abilities available to your character class. You want to make sure you’re using the skill being boosted by your armor to properly augment it, otherwise it’s a waste.

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After you dismantle a weapon or armor piece with a unique mod, it unlocks in your collection. You can attach that mod to another weapon or gear piece by visiting a crafter and choosing the ‘mod gear’ option when you drag it over to the middle crafting window.