How to unlock Wrench in Watch Dogs: Legion

Recruit him and start hitting stuff with a sledgehammer.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Wrench is one of the most iconic characters from the Watch Dogs universe, and he’s now back and playable in Watch Dogs: Legion. This guide explains how you can unlock Wrench, recruit him, and start smashing some heads with that big sledgehammer.

How to find Wrench

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Wrench will appear in your game at DedSec’s main HQ. It’s the pub you visit as part of the game’s tutorial and has the Watch Dogs logo as its icon on the map. However, if you’re still unsure about where to go, there should be a new side mission in the menu that you can mark as active and follow. Wrench is hanging out outside the pub, and you can’t really miss him.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wrench is the second powerful new operative added with Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline alongside Aiden Pearce. His perks are as follows:

  • Summon Sergei: Summon Custom Drone
  • Ninja Balls: Mini LTL Flashbangs
  • Lady Smash: A big hammer
  • SMG and LTL APGL: Unique weapon arsenal

His gadgets include two unique weapons; an SMG and a grenade launcher, and he’s equipped with an AR Cloak too.


To play as Wrench, you must own the season pass for Watch Dogs: Legion. You can purchase this from the in-game store. Once purchased, you’ll be able to find Wrench in your campaign through the method outlined above.