How to unlock Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs: Legion

The legendary Aiden Pearce is making a come back.

How to unlock Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs: Legion

Image via Ubisoft

If you have been an avid fan of the Watch Dogs franchise, you might be well aware of the name Aiden Pearce. The protagonist of the first Watch Dogs game is all set to return in the third installment of the franchise, Watch Dogs: Legion.

Aiden Pearce will be available in Watch Dogs: Legion via the Season Pass, which can be bought separately, or you can just purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game. The Ultimate Edition includes the Season Pass, four-week VIP status, and additional digital content.

Unlike the other NPCs in the game, which can be recruited at any time and can be used to progress through the main campaign, Aiden Pearce will be a bit different. Aiden Pearce will be integrated into all the cinematics, and the entire main campaign is rewritten with a focus on Aiden’s personality.

Aiden will be making its way into the game via a DLC alongside a few other characters such as Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, the assassin Darcy and Mina, who wields psychic powers. While Aiden will have a dedicated DLC with Wrench, players will be able to play the main campaign with Aiden without finishing the DLC. As of now, the release date of the DLC hasn’t been announced.