How to upgrade Death Stranding: Director’s Cut from PS4 to PS5

Porters, are you ready to make a new delivery?

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut brings the PS4 game to the next generation with a host of updates, including 4K and 60FPS, adaptive trigger resistance, new missions, and even a racing mini-game. For those who haven’t played the game, it’s easy to see why the PS5 re-release is the version to get. But what if you already own Death Stranding on PS4? 

Sadly, there’s no free upgrade to the Director’s Cut for owners of the original. What those with the PS4 copy do have, however, is a big discount. The cost to upgrade to the Director’s Cut is $10 rather than the full retail price, and purchasing it is a short and simple process. 

If you own a digital copy of Death Stranding on PS4, you don’t need to have it installed to buy the upgrade, though it’s recommended if you’re planning on transferring your save data between consoles. Regardless if it’s downloaded, go to your copy in your library and click the “…” button next to it. Then, select “View Product.” Once you do, you’ll see the option to get the PS5 digital upgrade for $10.

If your copy of Death Stranding is physical, the process is the same once you’ve inserted your game. However, if you own a physical copy of Death Stranding but a digital only PS5, you won’t be able to get the upgrade at a discount. In this instance, your only option to play the Director’s Cut is to purchase a digital copy at full price.