How to use a jukebox at the Train Graveyard in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Play some tunes in an iconic location.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Jukeboxes are dotted around every location in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. While you won’t need to interact with them in every match, some are essential to completing challenges that unlock each week. This guide explains how to use a jukebox at the Train Graveyard — including the machine’s location — to help make your life as easy as possible when trying to earn stars.

Check the train depot

Screenshot by Gamepur

The jukebox at the Train Graveyard is inside the main train depot building. Once you’ve dropped onto the location, head into the massive building nearby that looks like a hangar. It’s full of broken trains and staircases that lead to junction boxes that are no longer in use. You’ll find the jukebox up on the first-floor walkway.

If you go inside the train depot using the main entrances with shutters, head up the stairs on your left, through the junction office, and along the walkway leading around the next one. Alternatively, look for the path in the walkway that goes between the two sides of the building. You’ll see the jukebox on the outer wall of the junction office on the right-hand side.

To complete the challenge, you need to press the interaction that pops up when you approach it. This will cause it to play music. Even if enemies swarm you, you’ll still get some stars for completing the challenge when the match ends.