How to use a Jukebox in Sector 7 Undercity in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Play some tunes in the bar.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are Jukeboxes all around Midgar in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. You can walk up to any of them and trigger them to play music, something you might not always think about when you’re in the middle of a gunfight. However, some of these Jukeboxes are linked to challenges, which is why we’ve put together this guide for how to play the Jukebox in Sector 7 Undercity.

Step 1: Land in Sector 7 Undercity

Screenshot by Gamepur

While it’s not always possible, you should try to land in Sector 7 Undercity if you want to play the Jukebox there. It’s an easy location to reach if you’re controlling the helicopter. Even if you’re not, though, you can jump out early and make your own way there. It’s located in the top third of the map, in the second row of named locations when looking at it in-game.

Step 2: Find the bar and play the Jukebox

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you enter Sector 7 Undercity, you’ll see far too many buildings that you need to search. However, there’s an easy way to track down the Jukebox because it’s in the bar. Run into the center of the area and look for the red neon sign with an arrow. This sign should be pointing you to the bar, a huge wooden structure that takes up a big chunk of the area. Run inside, and you’ll see the Jukebox against the wall. You need to walk up to the Jukebox and press the play button that pops up to interact with it successfully, which should complete any challenges.