How to use cartridges in Atomic Heart

Time to deal some elemental damage.

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Atomic Heart will have you fighting a number of different types of robots. Some of them are easy to defeat, while others will make you go through hell. Thankfully, the developers were kind enough to add a variety of weapons and other combat mechanics to help you deal with the robots. But what some players are really confused about is how to use cartridges in Atomic Heart. The game doesn’t provide you with proper instructions on how to use them, so we’ll go ahead and explain this in our guide.

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How to craft and equip cartridges in Atomic Heart

Before you can start using cartridges, you will first need to unlock the NORA station. You will eventually come across one during the early stages of the game, and you’ll have a pretty rough encounter with it the first time. However, once the station gets unlocked, you’ll be able to find it at different locations.

NORA allows you to do a bunch of tasks, including customizing weapons. Every weapon comes with a Slot Cartridge attachment, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking it. But you will need to craft one of the three cartridges available in the game; those being Ice, Electric, and Fire.

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All three cartridges can only be crafted once you have acquired their respective recipes. You won’t be able to find them at the very start of the game, but you’ll ultimately get one of the recipes after making a little progress. Make sure to keep on looting all the large chests that you come across, as the recipes are hidden away in them.

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Once you have found a recipe for the cartridge, head over to NORA to craft it. Then, access your weapon wheel and click on the icon located at the bottom center. From here, you can select whichever cartridge you like for the weapon, as long as you have crafted it. You can then start dealing elemental damage to your enemies by using the weapon. Make sure to use them against enemies that have some sort of elemental weakness, as you’ll only waste your resources otherwise.