How to use Dynamax Crystals ☆And428 and ☆And15 in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Dynamax Crystals in Pokemon Sword and Shield are rare items given to players during specific events, or as pre-order rewards. They allow players to summon specific Pokemon during Max Raid Battles in the game’s Wild Area.

How to use Dynamax Crystals ☆And428 and ☆And15 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

When you get a Dynamax Crystal, you will need to head for the game’s Wild Area to use it. You will need to fight an empty Den, the red glowing rocks that does not have a beam of light coming from it. Go to your Item menu and select the Dynamax Crystal you wish to use, and this will activate the Den.

This will start a new Raid featuring the type of Pokemon that the Dynamax Crystal attracts. You can take part in these on your own, or when playing with your friends. You can then fight the Pokemon, weaken it, and attempt to catch it. These Dynamax Crystals are single-use items, so make sure to be fully prepared for your battle, because you won’t get another shot at it.

The ☆And428 and ☆And15 Crystals will summon Jangmo-o and Larvitar. The easiest way to think of the crystals is as a form of bait for a particular Pokemon.

To increase your chances of catching the Pokemon, it is best to take part in these Raids with friends, as you can all work together and coordinate your efforts to catch them.