How to use Minecraft Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Moveset, strategies, and skins

The Vol. 2 Fighter Pass got a whole lot more interesting.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft

Well, it’s official: Steve is now the most complex Smash Bros. character to date, at least in our eyes. This Vol. 2 DLC fighter not only has a unique set of abilities to impale enemies with, but he also is provided a crafting table for extra trouble. From building railways to diamond swords, the character can do more than one can keep track of. So, here’s a guide to each of Steve’s moves and functions.


Regular Moves

  • Neutral Attack: Sword Swing
    • Use the attack button for a sword swing. If the button is held down, Steve will swing repeatedly.
  • Side Smash Attack: Side Swipe
    • The move is similar to the Neutral Attack, but it can be charged up to deliver a deadly strike that will launch enemies.
  • Up Tilt/Up Air Attack: Axe Swing
    • The move is similar to the Sword Swing, but as an overhead move; players can juggle an opponent in the air with each hit.
  • Dash Attack: Pickaxe Swing
    • This swing is like all other swings, but when connected, an opponent will launch backward.
  • Forward Air Attack: Pickaxe Forward Air Attack
    • Steve’s Forward Air Attack drops a block of iron over an opponent’s head when swinging.
  • Back Air Attack: Pickaxe Back Air Attack
    • Think of this as the Forward Air Attack, but it will launch others to the left or right instead of downward. Thus, makes it an excellent move to launch enemies.
  • Down Air Attack: Anvil
    • This move also drops a block of iron on an opponent. However, being a Down Air Attack, Steve will be on top of the block for added launch range to enemies.
  • Down Tilt Attack: Fire
    • The move brings a temporary fire in front of you, similar to PK Fire. As you can imagine, this is also great for blocking projectiles.
  • Up Smash Attack: Magma Block
    • A large block of hot magma is placed above the character for a short period of time. This can be used as a shield for Air Attacks.
  • Down Smash Attack: Lava Bucket
    • Steve places a bucket down, in which lava pours on enemies and launching them short distances.
  • Grab: Fishing Rod Grab
    • Players can reach long distances to pull others in using the rod’s fishing line. Once done successfully, opponents will be caged in by a damaging fence for a short period of time.
  • Backward Throw: Fishing Rod Throw
    • The rod’s line is used as a rope that lightly tosses opponents a medium distance.
  • Forward and Up Throw: Piston
    • A piston is activated and throws enemies in the given direction at short range.
  • Down Throw: Anvil
    • The anvil can also be used here, but the launch range isn’t as significant.
  • Taunt: One of Steve’s three taunts is him devouring a large steak in front of enemies. Very intimidating.
  • Jump: Steve isn’t known for being a high jumper. In the presentation, it’s shown he cannot even leap onto a pedestal on Battlefield unless using his mid-air jump.

Special Moves

Screengrab via Nintendo’s YouTube
  • Neutral Special: Mine
    • Mining is a must for Steve. Materials mined from the ground are required for certain basic attacks, upgraded weapons, and his railing attack.
  • Neutral Mid-Air Special: Create Block
    • When pressing B in mid-air, a block will appear underneath Steve. We recommend you use it to either block enemies off a platform or to avoid dropping below.
  • Side Special: Mine Cart
    • Requiring Iron and wood, the cart can be used as transportation or for a weapon to run over and launch opponents.
  • Up Special: Elytra
    • When used, Steven gains wings which can be used to fly short distances. It also sends enemies flying when crashing into them. No materials are needed for this.
  • Down Special: TNT
    • This special places a block of explosives in front of you. You can then detonate the block from a distance. If attacked, it will explode on impact.
  • Final Smash: House of Boom
    • This Final Smash powers Steve with a large Piston that sends others flying into a home full of creepers. The home will then explode and those trapped inside will be launched.

Crafting Strategies

Screengrab via Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Minerals available

When mining, you will notice that the material given to you directly reflects the ground you dug up. There are four types of materials to strive for (in order from lowest to highest quality): wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. There is a limit as to how much of a given material you can carry, so be mindful of what your stock is. With the materials you have, a tool can be made from the crafting table, which can be summoned by activating your shield and pressing B.

To obtain high-level minerals, like gold or diamond, players will have to continuously hit one spot until they appear, which requires a great deal of patience.

Crafting weapons

The item you receive is based on the highest quality mineral in your inventory. For instance, no matter how much wood or stone you have, if you have the diamonds needed for a diamond sword, then that is what you will get. Speaking of the diamond sword, when crafting the powerful weapon, your pickaxe and axe will also be diamond, as well.

As you can imagine, crafting with a higher quality mineral means added damage to any one of the weapon-based attacks. But, it doesn’t stop at just weapons and tools.


Screengrab via Nintendo’s YouTube channel

There are eight skins in total. Aside from his default skin that you typically see in Minecraft, there will be two additional skins for the cult classic character. One appears to be Steve in tennis apparel and the other is of him in a Scottish kilt.

Players can also choose to play as Alex, a female counterpart to Steve. The character will have three individual skins of her own. On top of that, Enderman and Zombie are also playable skins, but none of these three character skin types will change Steve’s original moveset — it is purely cosmetic.