How to use parkour in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Reach the high ground faster.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has many mechanics to master if you want to be the best Soldier in each match. However, there’s one that will take your traversal and ascend it to the next level, making you a much better competitor: parkour. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use parkour to your advantage so you can be the most agile fighter on the field.

Jump into walls

Screenshot by Gamepur

To use parkour, jump into a wall and hold the jump button. This will trigger your Soldier to start climbing up the wall in front of them. Providing that it isn’t too tall, they should run to the top and clamber onto the roof.

With so many buildings littering each map, parkour is essential for moving around without being spotted by other players. Use it to get up and over walls and buildings instead of running around them. Once you’re on a rooftop, you can survey your surroundings and look for any unsuspecting players who might not have noticed you. Make sure you also watch out for players who will spot you while you’re up there, though otherwise, you could be in trouble. If you have a gun, a rooftop is a great vantage point to have a gunfight to help you win more matches and earn better rewards.