How to use Photo Mode in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

You could fight this enemy, but what if you took a selfie right now?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Photo modes have quickly become a necessity in any good-looking video game. Players that enjoy taking pictures can freeze the action and get a look at the game’s best side with a variety of filters and poses. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is one of the most beautiful games you will come across, with a Pixar-esque quality to it that will surely make you want to pull out the camera and take a shot or two. Here is how to use Photo Mode in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

You can use Photo Mode in Kena: Bridge of Spirits from the beginning of the game anytime outside of a cutscene. All you need to do is press up on the d-pad, and everything will freeze. You can see the controls at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to move the camera around and look at everything around you

You can press L1 to unfreeze everyone and put them back in action if you have activated the Photo Mode while on the ground. From here, if you move the camera in front of a character, they will follow the camera until you move it too far away. Press X, and anyone in the view will strike a pose, whether it is Kena, the Rot, or a side character. Press Triangle to bring up Settings and set filters, have Kena take a particular pose, and more. When ready to take your shot, press R1.