How to use the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard

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Image via Norsfell Games

While playing Tribes of Midgard, there are several greyed-out structures near your starting village that you can choose to devote resources to rebuild, acquiring more resources in the process that go straight into your war chest. In addition, there’s a crystal structure with no request for resources or a way to interact with it when you approach it. This structure is the Bifrost, and it’s how your character returns to Valhalla. This guide details how to use the Bifrost and what it does in Tribes of Midgard.

You won’t interact with the Bifrost until you defeat a Jötunn who wants to destroy your Seed of Yggdrasil. A Jötunn typically shows up on the second day, and depending on your luck, will be near your village between days three and five. After defeating a Jötunn, the Bifrost next to your village becomes available, and you can now interact with it, allowing your character to return to Valhalla. By returning to Valhalla, that’s the end of the game.

You’ll receive a score based on how many days you survived and how many Jötunn you’ve defeated. Your score will flood into your account’s levels, increasing you on the level track, giving you more rewards. However, we don’t recommend using the Bifrost unless you’re finished with your current world. If you and your friends are ready to depart, you can use it any time.