How to use the Exotic Reconfiguration in The Division 2

Pray to the RNG for a good roll.

Image via Ubisoft

The Division 2 makes it easy for you to reroll any of the weapons you’ve acquired during your time in the game by visiting a crafting station to create a brand new version of it. You can do this, and then visit a Recalibration Table to provide a weapon with new modifications to further its base stats. Now, you have the chance to do it with exotic weapons.

When you want to reconfigure any of your exotics, all you have to do is visit a Crafting Station at any of the headquarters to start working on it. All reconfigured exotics immediately go up to your character level. If you acquired the weapon when you were level 37, it would jump up to character level 40. Much like the traditional weapons you craft at this station, the exotic has a chance to become even more powerful than when you initially looted it, or it will be weaker. It can vary and has a chance to show up on any side of the spectrum. You can’t always expect to receive a God-roll weapon when attempting to reconfigure the weapon.

All of the blueprints for the exotics become available once you acquire the weapon. You can purchase them from Inaya when they become available. If you have looted an exotic before, you can review the reconfigure blueprint selection screen to choose an exotic and attempt to craft it. Every exotic requires a list of materials for you to craft it, which you can find on the right side of the screen while at the crafting station. Among the materials required, you will also need an exotic component. From now on, though, whenever you deconstruct an exotic weapon, you only receive a single exotic component.

You can reroll your exotic weapon and gear as many times as you want to try obtaining better stats. As long as you meet the requirements to create the item, you’re good to go.