How to use the Mangler in Halo Infinite

Use the Mangler to defeat your enemies in Halo Infinite.

Image via Halo YouTube

The Mangler is a weapon in Halo Infinite that is primarily used by the Banished. It’s a pistol that can do some severe damage to an enemy at close and medium ranges. It might remind you of the Mauler’s previous Brute weapon, which essentially worked as a pistol variation of a shotgun. But the Mangler doesn’t work like that at all in the game. So here’s what you need to know about using the Mangler in Halo Infinite.

With the Mangler, you have eight shots in your magazine before you need to reload again. While it might remind you of the Mauler, the Mangler does not fire a shotgun blast. Instead, it fires a precise single-shot spike out from it that you can fire at close, medium, and potentially long distances. The Mangler loses its effectiveness at long distances, but you can still do it if you have an eye for these attacks.

The recoil on the Mangler is probably the most challenging thing to manage with the weapon. After a shot goes out, it takes roughly a second for your gun to return to the reticle spot you were firing, meaning you’ll need to use precise and sporadic shots to eliminate your opponent. Thankfully, this negative is improved by a positive by the fact that when you need to reload the Mangler, you use a speed reloader to resume firing eight shots immediately.

The Mangler is a weapon you might use during a multiplayer match, but it’s a suitable sidearm that you’ll want to use against an opponent with no shields. It’s ineffective at lowering a shield, so pairing it with a plasma weapon is probably your best bet.