How to use tower upgrades, tactics, and improvements during WvW in Guild Wars 2

Image via ArenaNet

The world of Guild Wars 2 constantly changes, and there’s never a shortage of challenges while you’re playing in World vs. World. Here, we’ll look at a few different tasks you can tackle, including objectives, improvements, tactics, and automatic upgrades.


You’ll notice a pop-up on the left of your screen when you accept an objective. Typically, guilds with the most people get the first shot at an objective, and this will grant you a passive buff to unlock inside your guild hall. Objectives also open up the use of improvements and tactics, which we’ll discuss below.

When you claim an objective, you’ll start a timer related to the tier of the objective. Tier 1 lets you choose improvements and tactics after 10 minutes, while Tier 2 takes 30 minutes, and Tier 3 requires an hour. When you’re ready to select your tactics and improvements, pull up your map, and click on the Objectives icon. The second tab is labeled Guild Claiming, and this is where you can select improvements and tactics.


Active upgrades for your guild are called tactics. When you activate a tactic, you’ll create a temporary benefit directly at the location of your objective. These can include banners, a temporary waypoint for reviving, and a collection of invincible dolyaks, removing some of the legwork involved in escorting a caravan. Remember that tactics are active, so you’ll need to click on them to take advantage of their resources.


Improvements offer similar benefits to your objectives, but they will automatically start once their cooldown timer has expired. Depending on the tier of your improvement, you could speed up your dolyaks, reduce all incoming damage, or give stealth to your allies while completing your objective. Unlike tactics, you won’t have to activate these each time you want to use their benefits.

Automatic upgrades for towers

When you wish to upgrade a tower, you need to send a specific number of dolyaks to each tower. The higher the number of dolyaks that successfully run from camp to tower, the higher the tier of your upgrade. The requirements are as follows:

  • Tier 1 requires 20 dolyaks
  • Tier 2 requires 40 dolyaks
  • Tier 3 requires 80 dolyaks

You have many options available to you with each tier increase. You can choose additional guards, a supply hold increase, or a boost in health and defense for your walls and gates.