How to view your quests, inventory, and world map in The Good Life

Gather yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In The Good Life, you play Naomi Hayward, a photographer who is drowning in debt. She receives an assignment from the Morning Bell, asking her to uncover the secrets behind the happiest town in the world, Rainy Woods.

Throughout the game, you’ll be exploring the small town, collecting items, and completing quests.

You can open up the quest menu by pressing Q on PC, up on the D-pad for Xbox/PlayStation, and the up arrow on Switch.

In the quest menu, you’ll be able to your list of quests which are separated into different categories: main, side, shrine, urgent, and completed. While you can work on as many quests as you’d like, you can only select one at a time. Selecting a quest will show you the objectives you have to do and pinpoint the locations you need to visit on your map. So, if you want to work on a side quest, we recommend going to the quest menu and selecting it so you have an easier time tracking down what you have to do.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From this menu, you can easily access the world map and inventory screens.

The world map will give you the entire map of Rainy Woods rather than having to rely on the small mini-map in the corner of your screen. The inventory screen will show your items as well as Naomi’s stats such as her Dog and Cat (DC) gauge, buffs, and overall health.