How to visit seven locations in one match in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Don’t ever stop running.


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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a battle royale game that takes a lot of inspiration from Fortnite. For example, it’s packed with challenges that unlock each week, and you have until the end of a season to complete those challenges. This is a good thing because some of the challenges are so difficult that you’ll need a few months to complete them. For example, one such challenge is visiting seven locations in a single match. This guide explains how to do this and net yourself a lot of stars for your seasonal rank.

Drop on the clusters and never stop running

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two clusters of locations on Midgar’s map in the game. These are as follows.

Location cluster 1

  • Train Graveyard
  • Sector 7 Station
  • Support Pillar

Location cluster 2

  • Corneo’s Mansion
  • Sewer System
  • Entertainment District

If you drop in any of the locations in either of the clusters above, you’ll be able to quickly travel to two more locations before the match has really started. However, if you want to hit seven locations in a single match, we recommend dropping on Entertainment District, then visiting the two other locations in that cluster before moving onto all three locations in the next cluster. This should take you about the same amount of time as it takes the first Phase to end, meaning you won’t get caught in the storm. Then, all you need to do is visit one more location to complete the challenge.

The one thing you must remember is never to stop moving. Find a vehicle or Chocobo fast and use them to dart between as many locations as you can. The faster you are, the more locations you’ll visit during a match. Try to keep your seventh location close to the clusters, such as Sector 5 Undercity, Sector 7 Undercity, or Collapsed Expressway. However, if the storm forces you south, head to any location you can.