How to vote for the next Risk of Rain 2 character

Risk of Rain 2 will add a new character in its 1.0 update based on the results of a fan vote.

Image via Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain 2 already has a diverse roster of playable survivors to choose from, but for the next addition to the cast, developer Hopoo Games is turning to the community for input.

There are still six characters from the original Risk of Rain that haven’t made it into Risk of Rain 2 yet, and Hopoo also has some brand new ideas for survivors. To decide which one makes the cut next, the developer is asking fans to vote for their favorite.

Voting for the next Risk of Rain 2 character will take place in the game’s Discord server from March 31 to April 7. If you don’t have a Discord account, you can sign up for free at, then use it to join the Risk of Rain 2 server either in your browser or in an app for desktop or mobile.

Once you’re in, navigate to the “character-poll” section listed on the left-hand side of the Risk of Rain 2 Discord, where you should see Hopoo’s latest post announcing the vote. To vote, you just need to click one of the seven reaction icons below the post, each corresponding to one of the potential new characters.

Image via Hopoo Games

Hopoo Games goes into a lot of detail about the possible new characters in the latest Risk of Rain 2 patch notes, but they should be pretty familiar to anyone who played the original game. The options in the character poll are the shielded Enforcer, the crafty Bandit, the hard-hitting, HAN-D, the brawler Miner, the long-range Sniper, the clever Chef, and an option for a mystery survivor. The mystery survivor option would add a whole new character to the game, and Hopoo Games gave some options for ideas the team has been throwing around, including the Chemist, Spearman, Weaver, and Paladin.

Even if you’re familiar with all of the original classes already, the patch notes announcing the poll are well worth a look. Hopoo Games goes into a lot of detail about the design challenges of bringing each of the original survivors into Risk of Rain 2, which may also give a hint of how they’ll change if they’re chosen to appear in the game.

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Hopoo Games also points out that they can’t guarantee exactly what abilities or big-picture ideas will make their way into the final design of whichever survivor wins the poll, but does promise that the winner will be implemented in Risk of Rain 2’s big 1.0 update. The developer also says that it’s leaving the door open to add even the poll’s losers to the game at a later date, so voting for one isn’t necessarily dooming the others to never making it in.

The Risk of Rain 2 character poll will remain active on the Discord server for one week, and the winner will be announced the day after it closes, on April 8.