How to vote in The Steam Awards 2022

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Image via Steam

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With the year coming to a close, Steam is having its annual Steam Awards vote alongside its Winter Sale. During this time, users can vote for games in multiple categories and by doing so, they will get some goodies. The question is, how do you vote in the Steam Awards?

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How voting works in The Steam Awards 2022

To vote in the Steam Awards, you will need to go directly to the voting page and be logged in. In addition, your account has to be non-limited, an account that has spent at least $5 on Steam.

There are 11 categories you can vote for, and you can click on the “Vote Now” button under each category to go directly to that specific category. Or, you can scroll down and vote in each category one at a time. After casting a vote, you will receive one random card from the Winter Sale Trading Card set, meaning you will gain up to 11 free cards from voting. You have from December 22 to January 3 at 9 AM PT to cast your votes. You are able to change your vote at any time, just know that you will not gain an additional Winter Sale Trading Card for doing so. Collecting all 11 cards in the set will allow you to craft the Steam Awards 2022 badge, which you can display on your profile. You can also sell any of the trading cards you receive on the Steam Marketplace.

It’s important to note that while it is possible that you can obtain all 11 cards for the Winter Sale Trading Cards set, the possibility is small since it’s all up to chance. If you want to try and get all the cards, you’re going to have to make purchases during the Winter Sale, which starts December 22 and ends January 5 at 10 AM PT.